Presley Cash

Although, let’s be honest, Presley doesn’t look like the kind of monster who’d roar. He might, “Hmmmm.” Or possibly sigh and then snuggle up against you.

Presley Cash

The pattern is simple but has clever little details: the mouth line, the foot shaping. Just clever. I like that you can use any weight of yarn.  This is worsted, but she says that 200 yards of any weight should give you a groovy Presley.

Tip: leave long ends on the i-cord and the feet and thread it back down them to where the shaping might have left a few gaps. I filled in a bit near the slipped stitches on the feet and on the decreases on the top of the head.

I left out the teeth. I didn’t like the look of the knitted-on teeth and I liked the pensive yet sweet look of the mouth line.

I embroidered eyes and bellybutton even before starting to decrease.  That meant I could anchor my thread good and tight and hide the ends away. I did satin stitch for the eyes. Started with covering one stitch, broadened out to 2, narrowed back. I did them about the same distance from the mouth as the belly button.

Presley Cash

I think my arms could have been just a little bit more towards the very tip of the mouth.  Not that the child in question is going to analyze the aesthetics of his hang.  I do love how toys make me want to pose them all over the place.  Photographing toys is one of the most funnerest things.

If you are looking for a fast, fun, and sweet project, I heartily recommend this pattern. The pattern is clear and quick.  Rewarding. He’s the Presley Cash that Rebecca Danger designed in honour of her new baby son whose name is, you guessed it, Presley Cash Danger and who has recently begun smiling.

Just now it occurred to me that since he’s green, Parsley might be a hilarious name for him.  I think he looks like a Parsley, don’t you?

And that brings me up to 1929m in my 5k Stash Dash.  Motoring right along.


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