12 in 12 update

Time to admit: the 2011  12 in 12 Project is failing.  To be specific, I’m failing it this year.  Last year the books, the letters to grandparents, and the socks worked so well.  Monthly accomplishments to make me feel like a better version of myself.

This year, the socks are a rockin’ but the rest is a shambles.  So let’s think…hiking/snowshoeing and inviting folks for supper…involve leaving the house and coordinating with other people.  Letters and reading…very much tasks that can be woven into the holes in the fabric of my life.  There’s a lesson in that.


Socks are happening, though.


Pair 6 of the year:Shur’tugal free Ravelry pattern

Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Tonal , Kindling

Great textural pattern. It’s named for a dragon rider, I believe, but in this yarn it reminds me of tree bark. They didn’t speed along, mostly because I had to pay attention and there are more holes in the fabric of my life for knitting that happens at the same time as other things. They’re Rainer’s, to try to plump up his sock drawer.

Another photo, on the theory that a confession of failure can’t have too many pictures of successful socks:


Pair 7 of the year: Simple striped socks. A cheerful project for the rainy and cold spring days we have been having. Let’s just say the highest flood in the past 300 years hasn’t abated much.

Stripes for Spring

Yarn: Knit Picks Felici, Caprica. Lovely soft. I’m very interested to see if these wear well. If so, ooh la la

Stripes for Spring

Pair 8 of the year: Simple black socks. To be incognito handknits when I’m dressed in all black. A good project to work on in the sunniest of seasons. When the sun does shine. Otherwise, good thing there’s no patterning to need to see.

simple black socks


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