My motivation to teach is at a real low. We’re back at it after two weeks out,but there’s no sense that passion and gumption were recharged. Which led me to a big realization: we need more. Big more. As in big, big, lots more.




Wait for it….We’re going to take the summer off.

We have never taken a summer vacation from school.

We just go in trimesters, roughly, taking a few weeks or a month scattered throughout the year, usually when we’re travelling.

Library reading program?  Never done it. (Heck, with all the reading troubles we’ve had it looked like Mount Everest.)  Boredom in the summer heat?  Sounds like childhood to me. No tv?  Ah.  Yes, well.  We need to rein things in a little in that department, so summer off comes with a price tag.  We’ll allow ourselves something, like 2 hours as a family once or twice a week.  But seriously, Tias needs to learn that life does not come from screens.

I’m cooked.  I’m dry.  My ability to rally the troops is gone.

So I’m pretty darn excited and right now we’re just limping along at what I remember as June Pace in public school – lots of distractions, socializing, games, crafts, and starring out the window.


out and about


But something that has become full of gumption is my knitting.  Possibly because I don’t have to motivate the yarn.  I don’t have to coax it into copywork or tell it that its dishes belong in the dishwasher. I just do what I want to.  No one else is involved.  And for a rather driven person who thrives on projects, inspiration, and being competent, that’s important.  In homeschooling, so many times progress is not my progress.  After all, it’s about the kids.  Knitting, on the other hand, is about me.

Enter the Stash Dash 5k. Started by the Knitgirllls video podcast, I thought it was madness but joined in. In a nutshell: work up 5 kilometers of yarn before the 15th of August. Somehow, this notion has totally reconnected me with knitting.  Thinking of how much knitting this was, I thought it was outlandish and panicked, knitting every spare moment I could find.  And happily, oh so happily, it turns out that there are so many moments that I wasn’t using.  I may sound a little mad on this, but what I really needed right now was the discovery that there is much more time in the day than I realized for something that sends me round the bend with both excitement and contentment at the same time.  (Hello, theta brain waves.)

I’m already done my first kilometer.  Oh, yeah, baby!  Christmas gifts are flying around the house.  Monsters are on their way.  I’m even spinning with my drop spindle a bit.

Watch the Stash Dash episode of the Knitgirllls.   Chatty Ravelry ThreadOfficial Ravelry Thread.

The rules are simple (and totally cheater friendly):

  • Knit from stash! Every yard of yarn used from 5/27 to 8/15 counts toward your goal of knitting through 5K of yarn (5,468 yards)
  • If you finish a WIP after 5/27 that you started before 5/27, you get to count the yardage for the entire project.
  • If you spin, you can count the yardage of the plied yarn towards the goal, and if you knit with that handspun, you get to count the yardage twice (because you took the time to create/spin it and to knit with it).
  • If you have singles on bobbins waiting to be plied, wait till after the 5K starts – you can count the plied yarn even if you’ve already spun the singles (as long as you wait to ply it until the event actually starts on 5/27)
  • Crocheters and Weavers welcome, just keep track of your yardage as well
  • The stash that you’re knitting with doesn’t have to be uploaded to your rav stash
  • You have to be willing to photograph the FO’s/handspun/etc that you want to count towards your 5K goal and post them in this thread. If you do not know how to post a picture in the threads, please get with one of the moderators and we will help you. We can’t verify that you completed the yardage if you don’t provide pictures.
  • This isn’t a contest – it’s a group event to knock down some of our accrued stash. That being said, everyone that reaches their goal of 5K stashed down will receive something small courtesy of the podcast. Right now we’re looking at custom buttons. We may or may not do random prizes during the event. 😀

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  1. Lisa says:

    If it’s any consolation, my 8th grader did nothing the last month of school. Unless you count a 15 year old watching “Finding Nemo” for science to be “something”…it was all fill time since the state tests were done. Enjoy the time off.

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