I had a notion earlier this spring.  I’ve dubbed this notion my “No Regrets Summer”.  Paradoxically, it’s not about indulgence.  In fact, it’s surprisingly practical.  Every winter I wish I’d already knit certain things so that I could just wear them.  But then in summer I get distracted or plan for Christmas or something.  And I don’t knit slippers for myself.  Or a thick cowl.  Or a big shawl so I can stop walking around with a blanket folded into a triangle and heaped around my shoulders.  (That’s just so not classy.)

And so I’ve made a list of items I keep regretting that I haven’t already knit.  One of them: black socks.  I really want black socks.  I wear black pants.  Black shoes.  Black shirts.  My hand-knit socks are sometimes (alright, often) a surprising element. Fine for at home or under boots.  But sometimes a girl just wants warm, woolly black socks.


Aktiv 4-fach UNI
Aktiv 4-fach UNI

Today the summer has arrived. It is our last day of homeschooling before we take our spring break (as we always wait until spring arrives because I don’t want a moping set of us in a world that is moping its way through March or April). It is a day when I finished the two projects on my needles. It is a day when the leaves are finally coming out.

And while I’m excited about knitting black socks, I’m not excited today.

I’m thinking that it might be time to indulge myself. I don’t do that a lot. I like anticipation, so I tend to ‘when, then’ myself. When X and Y are done, then I can watch the new episode. When I’m done on the treadmill, then I can open the package. (In fact, I often put the package next to me on the treadmill so that I can get little anticipatory shivers when my eyes stray over to it.)

And the thing is, I promised myself I could play with this yarn after X and Y.

Felici Caprica

Felici Caprica


And X and Y are done. Z, too. And I may just play. It’s a tough choice. The excitement of beginning the “No Regrets Summer”, or the pleasure of a soft, silky, cheerful set of stripes?

Or. OR. Hey! I just had a thought most alien: I could start both pairs today. Oooooooooh.

Forget that. I’m not faced with a choice. I made my decision. I want it all.


3 thoughts on “Choices

  1. Ann says:

    I love the concept of no regrets summer knitting. I feel exactly the same way. My resolution is to knit sweaters this summer because I always want more warm sweaters in the winter. Two sleeves and 3 inches of body done on sweater number one, with yarn purchased (on sale!) for three more sweaters. I want warm sweaters to wear next winter!

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