things that are working: 6

things that are working: 6


strength training

All winter, I’ve been adding two 30 minute sessions of strength training to my week. I really like these Fitness Ball Workouts. I’ve got a couple of these 10 Minute Solutions DVDs, and I like the way I can play any number of the 5 workouts in any order I choose.  Like Choose Your Own Adventure for sweating.

I love this fitness ball workout. I do the upper body, core, and lower body routines. Simple, straight forward, effective.

With all the running I do year-round, and the cycling I did last summer, I had thought I’d pretty much achieved equilibrium with my legs. They were as fit as they were going to get, especially as pertained to their appearance. I was wrong, it turns out. Happily so.

My weight is now at a number that was my ‘Whoa! You’ve lost focus. Get it back!” number. Except that I can’t really get it much lower, no matter what I try. Naturally, I was freaking out a little.  I like to keep a pretty tight rein on my weight, because I just never, ever, ever want to weigh 50 pounds extra again. Then I remembered that adding muscle might just be adding weight. D’oh. Sometimes we can be so dumb, eh?

Feeling stronger, tauter, more capable is just awesome.  This is definitely working.


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