things that are working: 3

things that are working: 3



Tias is reading and enjoying this graphic novel/novel combo. Like Sandra, he’s needed vision therapy.  I’ve been waiting for the magical moment* to happen – that collision of confidence and interest and readiness and ability.  He’s 11 now, and parenting him has been a series of lessons in You Can’t Rush Readiness.  Acceptance.  It’s been very Zen, being his mother.  I just have to pay attention to each moment.  No planning.  No expectations.  Just…now.

About 8 months ago the magical moments started…when I’d come into a room and see him reading Calvin and Hobbes.  Then the Geronimo Stilton books caught his eye.  It’s a perfect series for him: each page has lots of white space and, with all those words in playful fonts, the pages don’t look at all intimidating.  That’s important.  Unintimidating.  If he doesn’t believe he can, he can’t.

Travels with Thelonious Book One: The Fog Mound is a novel and a graphic novel at once.  It’s set in a future world full of animals and devoid of humans.  Our hero is a chipmunk with an odd notion.   Imagine: Thelonious is daft enough to believe that humans once actually existed!  Swept away in a flood, he begins an incredible adventure.



* Although we all know that it isn’t a moment, right?  We remember that there are very few times in life when progress is flicking a switch, right?


One thought on “things that are working: 3

  1. Lisa says:

    I’m so glad for Tias! After years of trying everything, I finally, finally have a boy who is a reader. It took medication changes, tons of work, therapy, you name it, but today he’s a reader and loves it. Still working on reading what he’s told to read [i.e. school] but I can live with it!

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