borg cheerful: 4 of 12

I was rather hating these socks as I was working on them.  The yarn was bought in the cavernous sale basement at Romni Wools with thoughts along the lines of: “Hey, this is rather playful and Rainer does like his socks bright and the price is great”.  Looking at the sample on the ball band in natural light and with time to reflect, I realized these were not on the manly spectrum, not even as broadly as Rainer defines it.  So I started knitting them for myself.

My dislike of the socks was then compounded by a mistake. I was getting ready to start the toe when subtle alarms went off.  It seemed… odd.  It turns out that during the gusset I had set the sock down. Then, when I picked it up, I had thought, “Right, finished the gusset last time, just knit straight.” Except that I hadn’t finished the decreases. I had knit the foot on too many stitches.


So there I was re-knitting a yarn I wasn’t enjoying to begin with.  I was wondering if they needed a bath in the dye pot.  I was happy to have stockinette in the round to keep my patience high during those times when mindfulness is hard to practice but I was still muttering imprecations.  Then the phrase, “Cheap and cheerful” popped into my mind and I reached a level of near-fondness for them. Sorta.

It’s the coral and the beige. Same as in the Ugly Socks.  I’ve got to stay away from coral.

Cheep and Cheerful

Yarn: Supersocke 100 Fun Color, 764

These reports remind me of the Borg.  4 of 12. The thought of these garish socks on a Borg is enough to set me to giggling.  It’s not an image that is easy to call to mind.  On the other hand, the Borg  always look cold and clammy.  Like they need a good cabled scarf.

I’m working on getting back on track with the other goals. I hope to have good progress to report at the end of March.


4 thoughts on “borg cheerful: 4 of 12

  1. Ann says:

    I like the color too. Are they for you or your husband? My husband would never wear anything bright in socks either, but I love to wear brightly colored socks and so does my younger son. Older one is too close to adulthood to wear bright socks (in his opinion). Like the photo, btw.

  2. Jen says:

    I love how your mind works. Only you could come up with socks for the Borg!! Thanks for the smile. (and for what it’s worth, I quite like the garish colours)

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