12 in 12 update

I managed it!  I managed to knit the Nemesis Socks for Rainer’s birthday as a surprise.  This was tricky because they’re socks that need attention, and most of my knitting when he’s gone falls into the category of ‘utter simplicity while I read aloud or home school’.  The pattern turned out to be very intuitive and not as tricky as I’d feared.  And the yarn – lovely. I have long, long coveted the yarns Ruth makes at Impulse of Delight. She’s Canadian, she’s got an incredible colour sense, and her blog inspires me. As the daughter of a photographer, I really enjoy the way that she bases her colours off her photos.


Nemesis socks

Pattern: Nemesis Sock from Knitty

Yarn: Impulse of Delight Summit Sock, Blackberries


I also managed a second pair of socks for his birthday. These were knit in front of him, but he hadn’t realized I’d finished them so they were still a surprise. I found the colours of this yarn a real treat amidst the cool greys and whites of winter.


Waffle rib

Pattern: yet another pair of his favourites, the Waffle Rib from Sensational Knitted Socks.

Yarn: Patons Kroy Sock Stripes, Burnished Sierra Stripes


That’s pairs 2 and 3 for my 12 in 12 goal.

The rest of the goals are rather suffering. Hiking/snowshoeing was totally lost in the flurry of busy that was February and I lost track of time for connecting with my grandparents, too. And having someone for supper? Whoosh! What was that? I guess that was February. My goals have some flex in the timing, though. 12 in 12 months, not 1 per month. So I plan to make it up. And you there in the cheap seats, you can just keep quiet about it being 1/3 through March.


5 thoughts on “12 in 12 update

  1. JoVE says:

    I’ve read a lot of February wrap up posts (knitting or other topics) in which people lamented the short length of the month. 2 pairs of surprise socks seems like an excellent achievement. And I bet you find it really easy to invite people over to eat more than once a month once we’re into sunshine and barbecue season.

  2. Charity says:

    The socks are fabulous! I love Ruth’s yarns, too – your pairing of the yarn with the Nemesis pattern is great.

    Sadly, I’ve lost track of snowshoeing, too… at least we know the snow will always return! 🙂

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