big secret project

He left on a work trip.  It was late February, which combines serious schedule pressures with the horridness of late winter.  It was time to do something drastic.

Toss the school books aside.  Forget the routines.  He was just a big gaping hole in our regular lives.  So change everything, work on a surprise for him, and lighten the load.


lightening up

lightening up

lightening up



contrasting the old and new

lightening up

lightening up


We hardly had energy or time to miss him.

The dining room and living room were emptied. Holes were repaired. Walls washed. Then the magic began.  Painting feels so dynamic and powerful.

Huge shift. We’ve lived in and loved this sunflower yellow for more than a decade. But still, it absorbed a fair bit of light and these two rooms, the heart of the house, are north-facing. It was time for a change. A lighter colour. A colour that wasn’t quite so exuberantly pressing into the room.

Putting the Home in home schooling.


7 thoughts on “big secret project

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Well done to the three of you for getting it done!! I’m sure you’ll enjoy the benefits of the brightness next winter!! Here in the UK the lack of sunshine makes even the south facing rooms fairly dull most of the year. I painted all the walls cream, but use bright colours for the furnishings. I have red couches in one room, brown leather chairs in another-all with bright red throws and bright cushions. I also have very few curtains, and the ones I have pull all the way back from the windows so as not to block the slightest glimmer of brightness.

  2. Jacinda says:

    “pressing into the room” is a good way of putting it. We loved our sunflower living room in our last house but this house is smaller and needs spaciousness and not pressure from the colour on the walls. What a great solution to what could have been a difficult time.

  3. katharine says:

    We did the same thing! My husband was sent to Disney World the second last week in February and no one, not him, not me and not even the kids wanted to go with him. Instead we stayed home, painted the living room, stayed up late (or in my case went to bed early), watched movies and waited for him to come home. Glad to see we’re not alone.

  4. Shawna says:

    the new colour is very similar to the colour we painted our living room and dining room ten years ago. we are just preparing to paint again because the walls new the usual repairs and such but i am reluctant to let go of the colour which brought such warmth and accented the natural light in these two rooms. ah well, time for change anyway and seeing your pics was inspiring!

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