Worth Reading

A few links work clicking:

Journey North Mystery Class, sounds really intriguing and fun.  It’s a mystery!  It’s science!  It’s helping you track the lengthening days!  Thanks to Melissa for her post about it.

YOLO Colorhouse: really inspiring colours to stare at.  Clicking them brings up intriguing colour combos.  Maybe it’s just me that stares and the walls and wants a change every winter, but I’m betting it’s not.

“Interesting” and “Open Thread” for some really disturbing studies on the state of education.   Reassuring, though, if you’re a home-schooler also suffering the mid-winter willies that seem to hit me  each year.

New Spice “Study Like a Scholar, Scholar” on YouTube – if you like the Old Spice commercials, you’ll laugh at this.


“Drought” YA book review


2 thoughts on “Worth Reading

  1. Charity says:

    I so love that scholar ad – I think I’ve forced everyone I know to watch it. It’s especially appropriate now that I’m working at our public library…

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