first of twelve

January, where are you rushing to?  I am pretty sure I just set monthly goals for myself.  You can’t be winding down. I’m good with only one of four targets for the month. Socks. Yes, socks. We have invited our dinner guest but I still need to find time to fit hiking or snowshoeing in somewhere. Calling Gramma will be fairly easy to work in. But, oh, I do not like this feeling of last-minute action.

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Last June I threw a birthday party for myself and had my friends and family dye yarn for me. My friend Wanda dyed this and called it Canola Fields. I tried it with at least 2 different patterns before settling on a simple texture pattern. It’s the Waffle Rib in Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch. I’ve done this pattern more than any other – it’s Rainer’s favourite. Yet I’ve never done it for my own feet. I slightly lengthened the Waffle Rib because I wanted that interesting row to be a little more of a marker of progress.  It occurred less often and therefore meant more. Does that make sense?  It did to me at the time.

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waffle rib socks

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I grafted the second toe on Friday and then they came with me on my first trip to the skating trails. (It took a long time for them to open this year, with the surprise flooding of the river when it should have been freezing solid. Unlike in Winnipeg, we don’t skate on our river but beside it instead.  However, this year ice jams made the water leap the banks and make a real mess of things.)

These socks really do remind me of the canola fields around here, a very High Summer evocation for a skating trip!


6 thoughts on “first of twelve

  1. Tracey says:

    Wow-those are really pretty. You have such a beautiful talent and are such an inspiration to me here in South Carolina. Thank you for posting all of your work.

  2. Kim says:

    Really pretty knit! The color is gorgeous. I made the Waffle Rib socks several years ago in some blue Trekking – now you’ve got me wondering if I need a second pair. I remember the pattern being fun and moving along pretty quickly.

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