Today, as I dashed to the treadmill, I caught sight of my children.  And you know, the kids are alright.  I was beginning my traditional late-winter spiral into doubt and panic.  For a while at least, it’s halted.

Through the doorway to the living room: Tias balancing on the Bosu while knitting, watching Arthur.

Arthur has been on his Netflix playlist as often as we’ll let him lately.  It’s perfect timing, as he’s sorting through a number of issues about growing up, his place in the world, morality, and other big questions.  Arthur deals with a lot of ideas that are swirling around Tias just now.

In the kitchen: Sandra, baking scones because I’d asked her to.

Helpful, dependable, deep-thinking Sandra.  I’d been craving scones for a week, ever since this photo came up in my Flickr friends’ photos.  Warm cranberry and orange scones were being baked while I ran; what a delightful thought: keep running and lunch will be warm and golden.

You know, when I look at them as people and not as Grade 6 or Grade 8, they’re wonderful.  They’re complicated.  They’re growing up.

They’re alright.  We’re alright.

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3 thoughts on “sweetness

  1. daisy says:

    Sounds like a lovely day. Isn’t it a wonderful thing when children learn to take care of themselves and others. I couldn’t agree with you more about seeing them as people in their own right. Others are automatically focused on what grade a child is in, as if that means anything.

    The scones look wonderful!

  2. Tracey says:

    I think watching one’s children grow into the people they are meant to be is the greatest joys of this world. My oldest is almost 28 and my youngest 13. The time went by so quickly and my only regret is not being able to slow it down. Being a mom is a hard job , but also the best job. Looks like you are doing a fantastic job.

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