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I love this. I’m living in it.


Yarn: Swish Worsted, Lava Heather

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It’s as perfect a cardi as I can currently imagine: classic yet interesting, warm, drapey, flattering, cozy, stylish.  And long.  I’ve been, well, longing for long.

The Lava Heather is a most complex and plummy brown. Gorgeous.

The stockinette laid remarkably flat after blocking, and it only needed a light steaming with the iron to keep the sides from being too sharply folded along the seam line.

I only made 2 mods: to shorten the cuff length on the arm (7cm instead of 10cm) and knit them straight rather than belled; and to make the sleeve a little snugger by following the instructions for the XS, ie, only casting on 2 per side instead of 4, and picking up the same # of sts for the body.

I used nearly every yard of yarn, even unraveling my swatches.

: :


A-line coziness


2 stitch faux seams


pocket meets the side and bottom edging

: :


Somewhat tragically, it is the best stockinette I have ever knit.  Smooth, even stitching such as I used to despair I’d ever produce.  And it’s hidden on the inside for the most part.


I know it’s there, though.


10 thoughts on “Snowbird

  1. patricia Zaballos says:

    Oh, I love this!

    I have a very similar store-bought sweater–although it has a hood–which I adore. It’s knit in ivory-colored cotton, and I wear it all the time. I always thought it would be fun to try to copy the pattern and knit it by hand. Now I don’t have to do all that copying work!


  2. Michelle says:

    What a gorgeous cardi! Excellent work. I so admire your talent! Also, please do let me know where I can get those kickin’ boots, too. 🙂

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