12 in 12 for 2011

After the rousing success of the first 12 in 12 Project, I’m setting a new batch of goals for the year.


: :


: :


Two are carrying over from last year.

I will be making 12 pairs of socks in 12 months again.

And contacting my grandparents each month was a delight. I’m getting over my phone-ick when it comes to them. So 12 phone calls or letters are on their way for 2011.

: :


: :

We keep saying that we should have people over more often.  It’s time to make this work in more than just theory.  We’ll host 12 suppers in 12 months.

: :


: :

Take a hike.  We also keep saying that we should get out into nature more. So I’m setting a personal goal of 12 days of hiking or snowshoeing are on order. I am not making this a family goal. I’ve learned that it’s really important for me to set goals over which I have total control. Perhaps it’s the years of experience parenting and homeschooling speaking there. Others can come along, absolutely, but it’s about my commitment. I haven’t yet settled quite what counts, though. Does our 30 minute exploration along the river the other day count? It doesn’t feel like it. Maybe 90 minutes as a minimum? Maybe I’ll just play it by ear and not set any rules on this one.


12 in 12 rides again!


5 thoughts on “12 in 12 for 2011

  1. 3kinder says:

    Good morning Friend! Wish we lived close enough to be one of the lucky 12 for supper. I like what you’re setting up here… thanks for sharing!

  2. Annie says:

    Wise words, not to make promises that depend on other people (especially littler ones who don’t want to snowshoe). Time to revisit my list of goals… =)

  3. Shawna says:

    I love your goals for this year. I’m going to add contacting my grandparents at least monthly to my list too!

    We host dinners at our house regularly: there were five such dinners in December alone. I had to get over the need to project perfect and accept that we are who we are and that our house will always be a little crazy and chaotic and come to the conclusion that spending that time with people we like is far more important than an immaculate house. Enjoy your new adventures!

    I need to learn to knit socks. Fun!

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