2010 knitting review

36 knitting projects and about 11,700 yards.  It was a fun year, focused on socks and being kind to myself by not setting punishing goals or over-committing.

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2010 Socks

1. Flagstaff Simple Socks, 2. Eco Waffles, 3. a bit felted, 4. woolly in the snowstorm, 5. November Sock, 6. leftovers socks, 7. Quickie Socks, 8. July’s Socks, 9. Ugly Socks, 10. November Socks, 11. Travelling with Knitting, 12. woolly in the snowstorm, 13. leftovers socks, 14. Hermoine Everyday Socks

2010 Knitting

1. Hand Towel, 2. Very Cabley Mittens, 3. Chandelier Fingerless Gloves, 4. Mystery Revealed, 5. Squares, 6. Dansa, 7. Wicked after, 8. Wisp, 9. Ivydene, 10. 22.5 Degrees, 11. newborn hat, 12. Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap, 13. Fetching, 14. flowered brim, 15. Aestlight in the east light, 16. Hand Towel, 17. Simple Pleasure, 18. Gloves, 19. Meandering Vines Stole, 20. Olympic Sweater, 21. Chickadee Cowl

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4 thoughts on “2010 knitting review

  1. Tracey says:

    Your knitting is fantastic. As a new knitter I am in awe of all the beautiful items you have created. I would like to ask what you use to knit your socks? I am using dpn on my first pair, which is fine, but I was wondering if there is something that works better. I am finding that knitting socks is harder than I expected.

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