This time of year is so soft. A waiting, a pause, a gentle interlude. People rest together, reading and playing and puzzling together.

: :


: :

The Christmas days were full. Full of my sister and her husband and all of us sleeping at my parents’ house. Full of Dominion and laughter, snowshoeing and tea, cheese and cookies, presents and hugs, and even a little Boxing Day shopping.

Now we are in the middle of two cocoon days. Two days with no plans, no rush. There are no boundaries and all of us soften and expand and merge with each other. They’re playing with new toys (a PS3) and I’m knitting. There’s snow to move around for our yard rink. There are vegetables to roast and toss with feta for supper. There are warm mittens and socks to wear.  There is even a blue, blue sky overhead.

Sweet, soft, lazy days.


7 thoughts on “soft

  1. jody says:

    i love this pic and the lovely words to go with it! have an awesome 2011!

    (and thanks for the sock stash knitdown idea – i’m casting on for my first pair right after i submit this!)

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