Simply Christmas

Lollipop Cookies

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Deciding to do without the charity baking this year has been wonderful so far.  There’s something about 1600 cookies that really takes up your spare moments.  I’ve had time to sit around for hours on weekends, knitting away at my sweater, or reading, or writing Christmas cards.  I can’t even remember the last year I did cards. We’ve had the freedom to ask what cookies we’d like to bake this year.

Rainer’s got a work potluck tomorrow and we had the time and creativity to make Lollipop cookies.  We’ve never tried them before, but we’ve been enjoying paging through some of the German baking books we’ve got on hand.  And drooling.  Oh, these things all look so incredible.

These are called “Zwergenlutscher” in the book: Dwarf Lollipops.  The whole book is populated by Zwergen in red pointy caps, so it only seems fair that they should get something named for them.

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Lollipop Cookies

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Simpler than you might think. As tasty as you might hope.

Basically, sugar cookies with popsicle sticks, coated with jam, and then baked.

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Lollipop Cookies

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Don’t be skimpy with the jam.  A lot of it boils away as it bakes.  This one got a bit much, but really is there such a thing as too much jam on a cookie lollipop?  I’m not sure I’ve probed the extent of this.  I’ll let you know if I encounter an outer limit.


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