holiday inspiration

holiday inspiration mosaic

1. Husnisse done, 2. Ornaments from Belarus, 3. Green snowflake pattern, 4. redwork snowflake.jpg, 5. Snowflakes Pillow, 6. fox Daisy, 7. Hedda vol. 1, 8. Christmas ornament, 9. Tiny Gnome Army.

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We’re starting to feel the swirling, magical pull of that glorious time before the holidays. The thinking time. The planning time. The making time. The secrets time.

Some mornings we play holiday music and put on a slideshow of handmade Christmas goodies from the CRAFT pool over at Flickr. (The slideshow link is top right and will give you tonnes of ideas and sweet things to gaze at.)

We walked through the third snowstorm in two weeks to buy our yearly addition to our Christmas stories.   This year it’s a gorgeous, atmospheric rendition of the carol of Wenceslas by Geraldine McCaughrean called, fittingly, Wenceslas.  The blues and whites are so chilly and swirling, making us glad to be indoors reading, while the gold shines through just the way this happy, hopeful time lights up the early winter.

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holiday inspiration mosaic

1. wire christmas trees, 2. Christmas Tree Table Centerpiece, 3. merry christmas trees & bird holiday card, 4. Snowflake Curtain, 5. ::: christmas wreath aka holy pillow, 6. Festive Felt Christmas Trees, 7. Christmas Bling, 8. merry christmas, 9. christmas toys

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Is there something inspiring you right now?


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