Mystery A revealed

Mystery Revealed

Mystery Revealed


The name?  Bellefleur.  A gorgeous combination of cables, lace, and leaves. The crown shaping is so beautifully worked into the patterning that I had to just sit back and marvel.

(It’s unblocked in the photos. I’m trying to decide how to block this cotton/spandex yarn (Lana Grossa Elastico). Any ideas?)

The cast-on process was time-consuming, but I felt like I was putting extra effort into making a work of art and that was plenty of compensation for the bother. And it wasn’t so much bother as just having to pay attention and learn a new skill. The brim looks amazing – the twisted rib, the cable, and the extra length are so snappy together. The flow of the cables up the brim made me look forward to finding out what happened to the cables and the space in between them when the second clue arrived.

The growth of the leaves was such a delight. At first they were just this odd blob of symbols on the chart. And then I realized, just as I’d formed the bottom of the shape and was proceeding to decrease, that it was a leaf. A leaf! I was so excited. I love the look of leaves in knitting and yet I don’t think I’ve done much with them myself. So that flash of insight into the pattern made me nearly giddy.

Most satisfying of all in an intellectual sort of way: the way the crown shaping perfectly worked into the designs already established. I’ll have to get a photo of it once it’s blocked.

As usual, Woolly Wormhead provided outstanding service and feed-back.  She was so active in the threads about the hats on the Ravelry forum, and provided so much information and help.  She’s made both of the mystery patterns half price until the end of November.  Snap them up and get them on your needles.


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