squares and mysteries

I’m knitting away on my mystery hat designed by Woolly Wormhead.  Oh, how I love this process:  A brim clue to knit.  What will it look like?  A body clue to knit.  What will it look like?  A crown clue to knit.  What will it look like?

I love that in this format I’m utterly unintimidated even by the complex bits.  I don’t know what it will look like, so there’s no visual intimidation factor, no psyching myself out.  And because I get a clue every week or so, I know I have time to work on it without trying to powerhouse my way through the whole thing.  Little steps.  Mysterious steps.

Terribly mysterious.

Which always leads me to a little movie quote:

The Blue Raja: Well, there’s The Sphinx, of course.
Mr. Furious: The what?
The Blue Raja: The Sphinx.
The Shoveller: I know this guy. Big crime-fighter from down South. Big-league hitter down there.
Mr. Furious: What’s his power?
The Blue Raja: Well, he’s terribly mysterious.
Mr. Furious: That’s it? That’s his power? He’s mysterious?
The Blue Raja: Well, TERRIBLY mysterious.
The Shoveller: Plus he can, like, cut guns in half with his mind.

I’m getting the squares for Knit-a-Square ready to send away. I have so enjoyed the chance to play with colours, to knit without caring about gauge, to enjoy the process of making stripes in garter stitch. The last batch of squares I showed you were all bright, fun colours. This batch let me play with the autumnal colours my family had dyed.

: :

autumnal squares

autumnal squares

autumnal squares

: :

And all 17 with the ends woven in and stacked so satisfyingly:

: :


: :

Pattern: Reverse Mitered Squares

Yarn: the hand-dyed yarn my family made at my birthday party ( remember the fun?) striped with solids that were leftovers .


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