happy toes

Did you know there are winter running shoes? I didn’t. Although, as I dabbled in four-season outdoor running for the first time last year, I did wonder why everything in stores had mesh toes.

Mesh toes. Yeah. My poor, frost-bite-prone toesies had a hard time of it some runs, forcing me to turn back, unearth myself from all the layers, and run on the treadmill. Two pairs of socks helped, but anything below -15 was out, especially if there was wind.

So when I saw an add in a magazine last spring (yes, in spring…I’m behind in some of my reading) I decided to hunt and gather. Look what I found in Portland at the race expo for half price:


winter running shoes


Saucony Razor. The outer layer is water-proof, with the laces for adjusting underneath on a more normal shoe upper.

Warm. Grippy. Mean-looking. (In an “I’ll eat up the miles” way. Not in an “I’ll eat up your face” way.)


2 thoughts on “happy toes

  1. Miranda says:

    What are they? Are they at all of the “minimalist footwear” bent i.e. thin flexible sole with minimal heel rise? I’m looking for something now that I can’t run barefoot anymore due to the temperatures. I managed to run with warm feet most of the time last winter using shoes a half size up, duct-taping over the toe-mesh from the inside, with one or two layers of wool socks, but I’d like something that puts a bit less between me and the ground.

  2. Tamara says:

    I am currently in the midst of deciding between running outside this winter or getting a membership to the Y for the four super cold months…these shoes are an intriguing option. My beef with running outside is the bulky gear, and the ruts in the road…it feels like I’m not getting a good run in. I’ve got the spikes for my shoes, they help…I’m just having a hard time deciding whether to spring for good new gear and run outside or stick to the treadmill. And given the weather right now I have to decide pretty quick!

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