first moments at the shore

It can be hard to explain just how far we live from the ocean. The Arctic is our nearest ocean and is hundreds of miles of driving followed by a plane ride or a train ride. Northern Manitoba is not easily accessible. So when I tell you that reading “Anne of Green Gables” and all the other books on a yearly basis put the ocean in my heart, you’ll know how important these moments were to me.

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first moments at the shore

first moments at the shore

first moments at the shore


6 thoughts on “first moments at the shore

  1. Arienne says:

    We just love Haystack Rock! I’m so glad that your experience of the ocean was there. Did you have a chance to go out to the base of the rocks to see all the sea life there?

  2. catalinakel says:

    The ocean is very important to me,; the first time my kids were there was too..and I grew up less than five miles from the short. Love, love, love the ocean. Good job getting yourselves there.

  3. Jo says:

    My family and I moved here from Wales back in June. Oh! How my heart aches and longs for the views from there, my adopted home country. To see and be reminded of the views that can be seen from not only my own continent but my own country, even if they are days and days drive from my current home, well, it’s achingly comforting. It aches because of remembering the sheer beauty and smells and feelings of such places and comforting because I know that no ocean seperates me from it.

    Thank you for sharing, a place gets to you doesn’t it. It lives inside of you and you are forever changed.

  4. Megan says:

    Someone mentioned Haystack Rock, but that looks like the beach at Bandon to me! I grew up visiting the Oregon coast in the summers and lived near Bandon for two years as an adult – I do miss it! Your lovely photos of this and the dunes may inspire me to plan a visit.

  5. Valerie Willman says:

    Oh, I love the Anne of Green Gables series. 🙂 I actually just watched the movies two days ago, while sick in bed. And I was lamenting that my daughter has never been interested in me reading her the series, nor has she ever been interested in reading them herself. *sigh* Guess I’ll have to read them again. I go through the series about every four to six years. Just for myself. 🙂

  6. peacebeginsathome says:

    Oh, the glorious ocean. I had to read a couple times to process…your closest ocean is the ARCTIC? Wow.
    My kids are too young for Anne of Green Gables but I still read it every few years for myself. My favorite books from childhood are like old comforting friends. 🙂

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