Finally a moment when energy, time, and internet access all coincide.  It’s 6:10 am in Flagstaff, AZ and I’m waiting for the sun to brighten the sky just a little bit more so I can get running.  It’s a strange neighbourhood and I don’t feel like running alone in the dark here. 

Everywhere’s been a strange neighbourhood lately. 

This trip has been full of such variety that it is hard to believe that it’s all been the same trip.  Chinatown, redwoods, whales at the coast, outlet shopping, the kelp forests, endless urban sprawl, desert so quiet it presses on your ears…  After Portland we drove down to the Oregon Dunes, then along the coast to San Fransisco.  We picked up Rainer’s parents from the airport and have continued to go strong. Ships and archeological ruins, tours of Alcatraz and the Presidio; the celebrity-loving LA, the gaudy tediousness of Las Vegas; the giant crater and the sweep of the high desert from the rim of Meteor Crater…

On this trip it strikes me once again how much like a sort of reverse archeology learning is.  Rather than uncovering layers, we’re making them.  Each mention of a subject in a new location creates a new strata of meaning and understanding.  Sometimes the mind in intrigued and builds a thick layer of sediment rich in bits and pieces of objects; other times just a thin layer of dust sifts over our process, building just a little bit on what we already knew.

I should go.  The sky is that bright yellow-green just before the sun rises and I don’t want to make us late for the Grand Canyon. (The Grand Canyon!)


5 thoughts on “Layers

  1. Anne says:

    Wishing you safe travels!
    Flagstaff brings back memories of driving across the state on our way to California when we were first married, and the heat was horrible..then we came upon Flagstaff and it was like driving into paradise…

  2. catalinakel says:

    Welcome back to the internet. I have missed you, and also somehow missed that you were taking off on an epic journey. Enjoy the Grand Canyon. It is truly awe inspiring. Were you able to get to Yosemite? Another jaw dropping beautiful place.

  3. Jeannette says:

    This is an ambitious trip you’re taking! I grew up in the deep south and we used to go camping out west in the summer to get away from the Louisiana heat. Those trips were high points of my childhood. You’re giving your children something special —

  4. patricia says:

    How fun that you’ve been in our neck of the woods! We’re across the bay from San Francisco. The drive down the Northern California coast is so stunning–I’m glad you did that.

    I’ve been following your blog for a few years, but don’t comment often. I’ll try to be better about that. I always enjoy reading about your adventures.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  5. Heather says:

    I’ve been mulling over the concept of learning in layers a lot this last year too! Maybe it has something to do with living in the Grand Canyon state… 🙂 Infact, I blogged about it too last month:

    I think that is one of the most exciting thing about homeschooling – watching those layers form!!! I love what you said about laying down rich deep layers at times and then other times just thin layers. There is a time and place for both!

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