Thoughts from the road

There’s a whole lot of Montana.

We expected to be driving through the Rockies, but got the Oregon Plateau instead. Then the Columbia River showed up to knock our socks off.

Starting a race in the dark is odd. Starting in the dark in the rain is daunting. Running the race was better than we expected. Thank you, Portland, for giving us a marathon and half-marathon to enjoy this trip.

The iPad is super cool, and one of the best things for travel ever, and that list includes airplanes, good hotel beds, and immunizations. We’ve used it as computer, as I’m doing right now, as a map, as a locator for restaurants, a toy (new game- Cut the String), a tv, a radio, a notebook for our trip plans. Seriously, a game-changer.

The roasted chicken craze in grocery stores is a gift to budget-conscious travelers.

Our kids crack us up. Hilarious.

A day of race expo, Knit Purl, and Powells is a day of tempting choices.


6 thoughts on “Thoughts from the road

  1. Arienne says:

    If you’re still in Portland, be sure you head to Powell’s bookstore. It’s amazing! Really, you mustn’t miss it. And Hot Lips Pizza up the road from there has great food for a good price.

  2. Patte says:

    Would you recommend it as a laptop alternative for two kids (ages 7 & 10)? It’s about time to get serious on a “kids” computer and I don’t know if I should turnover my netbook to them and use an ipad as my main computer or be truly terrific parents and get it directly for them, as we too are loving the ads and saving for one. It would be our first foray into apple/mac computing. Just wondering. Gute Reise! Patte in RI

  3. kort says:

    oh my, you’re in my city! and you all ran the marathon? we live on the race route…after you cross the St Johns Bridge and head up the big hill on Willamette. we were out in the rain with noise makers cheering on the runners! maybe we saw you and just didn’t realize! hope you had a good race.

  4. Karen says:

    Portland is one of my very favorite cities. My kids too. Keep an eye out for all of the small pieces of public art. There are lots of bits along the light rail system, at the stops and elsewhere.

    Mother’s is one of our favorite restaurants to stop at.

    If you’re there through the week, don’t miss the Saturday Market.

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