Magna Carta

The Queen brought the Magna Carta to Winnipeg this summer.

We are homeschoolers.  Rainer, in addition to his work saving the world from academic ignorance as a reference librarian, has his MA in medieval history and teaches one course on medieval Britain each year. Ergo, like the Magna Carta, we went to Winnipeg.

It wasn’t impressive or fancy.  Just a legal document of functional design.  But it was the Magna Carta.

: :
What would PJ think?

: :

We passed some of Winnipeg’s famous polar bear statues on the way, leading me to wonder, “What would PJ think?*”


*PJ reference from the Disney Robin Hood.

“You took the words right out of my mouth, P.J.”

“P.J.”! I like that. Do you know I do?
Hiss, put it on my luggage.”

3 thoughts on “Magna Carta

  1. Patte says:

    Oh I just love your phrasing: it wasn’t fancy…it was the magna carta. So spot on. The import of that document …hmm thanks for a laugh and love of history. all the best – patte in RI

  2. Patte says:

    have you and yours ever listened to the Radiolab podcasts? It’s quirky science and humor will produce belly chuckles and cool science ahas! You can subscribe via itunes and try the parasites or placebo ones. –patte in ri

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