She’s a Dansa




Custom-knit arm warmers for a daughter who rocks a fedora.

This yarn is super soft.  Rather intoxicating to work with.


Pattern for Women’s Small

(Each increase of 6 sts will increase the circumference by an inch.  If you are resizing it, you’ll need to play it by ear when it comes to the number of sts to do for your button hole.)

Finished circumference: 18 cm/7″ at palm and widest point of forearm.

Length: 30 cm/12″.

Gauge: 6sts and 9 rows per inch.

Yarn: Felici Sport, Chimney

Needles: 3mm, US 2.5

I used the buttonhole from the Voodoo Arm Warmers.  Here’s the link.  It’s easy and very stable.




Cast on 44.  Join in the round, and then triple check that you haven’t twisted it.  (Just sayin’.)

K1P1 ribbing for 8 rows. Switch to stockinette.

Row 30: k2tog at end of row.
Row 40: k2tog at end of row.
Row 50: k2tog at end of row.
Row 55: k2tog at end of row.
Row 60: k2tog at end of row.
Row 65: k2tog at end of row.

Row 70: inc 3 using M1.
Row 75: inc 3 using M1. (44 sts again)

Row 84: knit across 17 sts, 10 stitch buttonhole, knit to end of row. (I would knit to 16 sts and use a 12 stitch button hole if I were knitting these for me.)

4 rounds knit plain.
7 rounds K1P1 ribbing.
BO loosely in pattern.




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