Half-Page Sanity

Half-Page Sanity::

To Do lists flying everywhere and they weren’t linked to the calendar. What to do?

Shopping time.

So many options. Seriously, have you looked at the planner and organizer section of  a store lately?

I was looking for something with more space than a weekly planner. But the daily ones had so much space, tempting my ambitious list-making side to make me To Do myself til I was Done, Done, Done.

Then I spotted this At A Glance planner with two days per page.

Half-page sanity.


3 thoughts on “Half-Page Sanity

  1. Just Peaches says:

    Perfect! I resisted getting a planner this year. I opted for a small spiral notebook and (like you) have committed to half a page a day. I was so tired of not accomplishing everything on my list. Now I try to write what is achievable.

  2. aj says:

    i used the sample pages from the site and then i bot a busy body book this year…i am hooked. i need to see the whole week in every category of my life, constantly add to lists for future weeks, i wish it was a publicly traded stock i could buy b/c i plan to use this forever.

  3. Tammy says:

    I no longer keep a paper planner, but rather use my google calendar these days — the “time slots” help keep me from over planning and over booking.

    But I had to say … I LOVE the idea of HALF PAGE SIMPLICITY !!! My how I could’ve used some of that when our children were younger, when our lives were even crazier but more prone to chaos. HA !

    Thanks for sharing !

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