I’ve been browsing bookshelves, reading book blogs, and compiling a list of book after book I’d like to get my hands on.  I thought I’d post a few links for you.  They’re eclectic, though, so don’t try to practice armchair psychology on me based on my selections.  My library’s general craptastic state of being is frustrating me quite admirably these days.  If only I had $300 to spend on books.

Aside: I have a recurring fantasy in the middle of hard afternoons of having $500 to spend within 4 hours in the large bookstore in Winnipeg.  Some grand patron or sweet relative sets it up, provides for someone to take the kids so I don’t have to feel any rush, and sends me through the doors.  Can you imagine it?  sigh

Animal Review

Olympic Gangster: The Legend of Jose Beyaert – Cycling Champion, Fortune Hunter and Outlaw

Six Great Ideas


Oracle Bones: A Journey Through Time In China

The Demon’s Lexicon (read a funny, interesting interview with the author, hat tip Abby the Librarian)

Six Wives: The Queens Of Henry Viii

Mistress of the Monarchy: The Life of Katherine Swynford, Duchess of Lancaster


6 thoughts on “wishlist

  1. Tracey says:

    I have the same problem with our library. My amazon
    wish list continues to grow daily. I love your fantasy-
    I may have to borrow it if that is ok.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Kathy says:

    Can your library get them for you via interlibrary loan? I have gotten a few books that I really wanted to read through ILL and I just had to wait a week or so for the books to come in.

  3. Peaceful Knitter says:

    What a wonderful fantasy! I have found that PaperbackSwap.com really enables me to get my hands on the “new” books I want immediately. All you have to do is post 10 books you are willing to send off, then you get credits and can start choosing new books! You can even create a wishlist, and when someone posts one of the books on that list, it is sent to you automatically. Genius!

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