year-round advantages

Students in year-round schools do better, study shows

Paul Anderson, a teacher at the school, which started its new calendar year on Tuesday, said he’s already started teaching his Grade 8 students a new geometry unit. When he used to teach at a traditional school it would take three weeks of review after summer break before his students were ready to conquer new math concepts, he said.

According to province-wide testing scores, Grade 6 students at the year-round school have performed better year-over-year in reading, writing and math, with more students meeting or exceeding the provincial average.

An interesting read.


One thought on “year-round advantages

  1. Tinkermama says:

    I’ve worked with an alternative program multi-age teacher who did summer-long projects with your children. It was simply a continuation of their year long inquiry and there was some corrrespondence during the summer via mail and journaling. When you have a child in your class for 3 years, this works great. 🙂 And another benefit of homeschooling of course… continuity!

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