12 in 12 update

I missed an update in June, but the good news is that all things are on target.

Book: I’m reading oodles. Oodles, I tell you. Lots of YA fiction. The novel that counts as my July entry in keeping with my 12 in 12 standards is The Mistress of Nothing, Kate Pullinger. Highly recommended. I may have to eat my hat. Didn’t I say that all Canadian literature was grim or boring or both, and that award-winning Canadian fiction was worse? So then Rainer brought this home for me.

Two women leave Victorian London for Egypt. One a dying lady hoping the dry, hot air will buy her time; the other is her loyal maid. They leave behind a world of coldness and rules, and enter a place where they make their own way. The story is told by the maid, Sally, and explores the ideas of freedom, loyalty, and love. With a culture-clash and a gender-clash and a class-clash all set up, this could have easily tipped into the realm of ‘sweeping saga’ and ‘tumultuous epic’. Instead it remained small and beautiful. Reading it is like watching the unfolding of a flower.

Connection: Phone calls made, letters sent. I’m so pleased with this.


July's Socks


July’s socks were like June’s: “Quickie Socks” from the Joy of Sox book. Also knit in Wool of the Andes, but this time in Black Cherry Heather. I had 90% of a pair of socks knit for Sandra, only to discover they are too narrow. Ugh. They still sit on a cabinet, waiting to be frogged. I had not the emotional strength to deal with them.


2 thoughts on “12 in 12 update

  1. JoVE says:

    I also recently read The Mistress of Nothing and really enjoyed it. I like a good historical novel, though, and I’m also partial to Canadian women writers or some of them at least.

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