The Fellowship of the Ring – as it appears is the destiny of all homeschool children who originally struggled to read.

At least, all homeschool children whose parents reached out to reassure me in my moments of doubting worry.


4 thoughts on “shhhhh

  1. Tinkermama says:

    As a child, I remember The Hobbit was one of the first “thick novels” I tackeled. I got almost nothing out of the story but revelled in the beautiful feel of the language. Then I read it again, and fell in love with Bilbo. Then I read it again and finally was able to form a mental image for the rich description, and again, and again…well you know, I just fell into the story over time.

    Welcome to the journey, Sandra! 🙂

  2. Audrey says:

    My Mom purchased The Hobbit for me when I was 7. At 8, I recieved the complete Lord of the Rings trilogy for Christmas. I have read all four books every year since – and I turn 42 this year. They are the same copies I recieved as a child, tattered, covers missing but so well loved. My own son is not a big reader but I am hoping that my reading The Hobbit to him this year will change that and spark something inside him that will make him long to read more.

    A mom can always hope…

  3. Angela says:

    I know a little boy who has struggled with reading who decided on his own to tackle the Fellowship of the Ring. It thrilled his parents.

    I am re-reading the Hobbit now and am delighting again in the story like I did when Mrs. Hudson gave it to me in 5th grade because I had read everything in class already.

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