real life


Multitasking as usual.

In the midst of a full morning, complete with homeschooling, breakfast, tea, opening owl pellets, electronics, running, and spinning, I asked Matthias to take a photo. At this moment we’re learning math and spinning.


8 thoughts on “abundant

  1. Rora114 says:

    Susch, I loveloveLOVE this photo. Good job to T on composition, and good job to you for managing to do so much in a day! You truly are an inspiration, for all that you do, the joy you have about doing it, and the integrity you bring to it all.

  2. Shawna says:

    As a non-homeschooler who thinks about home schooling as a viable and possible option for our family, I am always plagued with what may seem simple questions, for today:
    1. Do you schedule breaks similar to our summer, Christmas and Spring breaks or do you keep at school all the time, letting the breaks fall where they are most advantagous to your family?
    2. Transitions between tasks must be complicated. I think of the time I spend setting up the table so that the kids can paint and then the cleanup and set up required for switching to reading. Do you try to accomplish small amounts of mutiple tasks during the day or do you tend to stay focused on a bigger picture?
    I feel so light when I read your blog, like life is simple when we choose it to be that way. Thank you!

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