Tour de Fleece

I’ve managed to spin every day since the beginning of the Tour on Saturday, which is my goal.

Tour de Fleece

I’ve got a little left to spin and then I’ll ply them together. I am really curious as to what this will look like when finished. Did I add too much twist? Too little? How will I know? What will I knit with it?

I was starting to wonder if I was going to run out of the green/purple fibre my sister gave me with the spindles and so I spun less on Sunday and Monday. I knew I had a package in the mail with a little something for Tias and a little something for me, but I wasn’t sure when it would arrive. With Canada Day to slow the mail as well as a weekend, I doubted the timing estimate I’d been given. But it came promptly.

Green Man

Green Man in Sunna Top (merino) for Tias

Korrigan in Black Annis (bfl) for me

Gaia’s Colours is a great shop. The prices are great, the service is personal and prompt, and the fibre feels like a dream.

Do I wonder if I should steal Tias’ fibre if he doesn’t start it soon? Yes. Bad Mama.


3 thoughts on “Tour de Fleece

  1. hopewellmomschoolagain says:

    I’m really loving the photos of how this is coming out–the blend of colors is so rich!

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