Good Garter

Garter stitch can be horrid and amateurish. But it can also be done with aplomb. Two of the last projects I finished used garter in smart ways.

Quickie Socks

I was charmed by the sophisticated pewter look of these in the book and mourned the sad lack of gorgeous pewter-coloured yarns in my bins. Once I realized I could use a pumpkin-coloured yarn for a pair of socks that would be tucked away until the pumpkins were ripening, I became reconciled.

These are the “Quickie Socks” by Susan Lawrence in the “Joy of Sox” book. The yarn is Wool of the Andes, Pumpkin, less than 80g. It’s my new favourite large-gauge sock pattern! Interesting, stretchy, comfortable, good looking, and they would make great, warm socks for charity.

They look great inside out and right side out. Which is good, since I’m wondering if wearing the purl side inside my boots in winter will be too bumpy. (left foot is wrong side out in the top photo)

I needed something to knit during the German games at the World Cup to keep me from getting too nervous but that would let me keep my eyes glued to the screen. The combination of simple pattern and thick yarn worked just as I’d hoped. I’m thinking of casting on a second pair before the semi finals.

Quickie Socks

The next project, Ivydene, was a test knit for Woolly Wormhead. I was attracted to the way the garter stitch flowed from the brim up into the lace, providing texture and architecture amidst the femininity of the lace.

The shaping of the crown is gorgeous, too. Love that overhead shot. (The colour is completely off. It’s a deeper green, a great leafy heather. Wish I could have captured it. Sandra was a slightly impatient model that day and the pictures aren’t quite what I’d wish to show you. Be sure to click through and see the other versions that have been knit.)




Do you have garter stitch patterns to recommend?


3 thoughts on “Good Garter

  1. Jen says:

    I am going to have to buy that hat pattern!
    My favourite garter pattern is the shawl I did out of Handmaiden Curly locks. The wool had plenty going on, so any other stitch would have been lost in the curls.

  2. Kelly says:

    Love both of your newest knits. Socks are great and the hat is beautiful. Happy knitting during the semi-finals and finals!

  3. hopewellmomschoolagain says:

    No patterns, but I think the first pattern could be used to knit “armour” –looks very much like it!

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