Our World Cup unit continues apace. We’ve explored some of ancient Africa, modern South Africa, the flags of the competing nations, and…well…more than a little soccer. I think we’ve seen all but 2 games so far. Not as exciting as one might always wish, but there have been a few standout matches and moments. We’re cheering for underdogs and upsets. Except when it comes to Germany, and even there we’d be happy to lose to an underdog…in a few rounds, that is.


One thought on “studying

  1. hopewellmomschoolagain says:

    Did you see Switzerland? That sounded exciting. I see the South African flag and remember standing in the street in Limbe, Malawi being engulfed in frantic cheering–the BBC World Service had just announced Mandela’s release. Listen to “3rd World Child” by Johnny Clegg—very, very evocative of Southern Africa!

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