brief glory

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The cycle of apple blossoms

The cycle of apple blossoms

The cycle of apple blossoms

The cycle of apple blossoms

The cycle of apple blossoms

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From pink buds to white clouds to showers of petals. A few days of extraordinary energy and beauty.

What luck that this hot spring has meant we can sit outside under this brief glory nearly every waking moment. The weather is July weather: +10 overnight and +28 during the day. This means that it is warm enough to sit under the tree, which wraps around the south corner of our deck, even in the early morning. And it means that it is blessedly cool to sit under the shade of it at the height of the day’s heat. Often this early spring display is something we have to enjoy as best we can, wrapping up a bit against the breeze and determining to get the most from a short spell under the spreading branches.

This week, however, I have read in post-dawn sunlight; had my tea; breakfasted on porridge and eggs with Rainer; knit; homeschooled; lunched; suppered; snacked; laughed and played under the tree. The sound of the bees in the first days made it sound as though the whole deck was only moments away from lift-off. The shower of petals by which we have been tickled these past few days has made us feel like fairy kings and queens.

Apple trees work on two year cycles. Plentiful/meager. Last year was the worst year for blooms we’ve ever had.  There might have been 50-100 on the whole tree. Walking past the yard, you never would have noticed that it was an apple tree. This year is the best year for blooms we’ve ever had.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to sniff some of the blossoms, eyes closed, cares thrown to the winds.


7 thoughts on “brief glory

  1. ChristineMM says:

    Awsome photos. You are behind my zone by one month it seems. I miss my crab apples already. Sadly, we probably will cut ours down this year. 😦 They are just in a bad spot, planted in a wrong place by the previous owner’s landscaper. 😦

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