Aestlight in the east light

I’ve discovered a yarn I want to wear all the time. This colour (Cloud Jungle, Dream in Color Smooshy) is my new favourite nearly-neutral. The grey-greens are reminiscent of the Canadian Shield…rocks and lichen, moss and leaves. When I was working with it, it didn’t have the dazzle or the incredible colour of some other hand-dyed yarns. It didn’t leap out at me, but I had faith. I had a feeling that this would work up to be the kind of fabric that made me look good, rather than grabbing all the attention for itself.

Gudrun Johnston’s Aestlight pattern was satisfying, too: lots of interesting details and construction stages, but never complicated. It was my first experience knitting on a border, a process so magical it delighted me. You knit along and you’re binding off, but in lace!  I had a bit of a mental block with it at first – did I need another needle to knit it on, maybe a dpn?  So I looked up a tutorial and found a really great set of photos and instructions at Mim’s Blog.

Aestlight in the east light

I knit it to match my Forestry hat, which I love wearing.  The colour and the pattern are really flattering and it’s just right  for days without frostbite warnings. The pattern was originally published in Yarn Forward magazine, but the designer is just about to release it for individual sale. Her website is here: Woolly Wormhead.


I like this colour enough that I’m not debating whether or not to buy a sweater’s worth, but whether I’d prefer the Smooshy fingering weight or the Classy worsted weight.  Choices, choices.


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