Good Words

With Rainer gone for the week, I’m craving the company of words.  I’m reading more, writing more, listening more.  I have a few good words to share, as eclectic in subject as always.

  1. Two new podcasts I’m enjoying: Stuff you Missed in History Class and Stuff you Should Know.  Both are from the How Stuff Works website and feature two hosts. I like podcasts with two hosts, it sounds so much more companionable.
  2. Want to wear flattering garments? Amy’s got an incredible 10-part series of blog posts on the go: Fit To Flatter.  Great photos and sketches and multiple body types. (The blog posts are free, but you can also buy the pdf for a minimal fee.)
  3. 100% Non-Lame, Awesome Workbooks from NaNoWriMo Young Writers.  Got a budding writer in your house?  Incredible resources for elementary, middle and high school kids.  Heck, I’m finding the one I’ve printed out for Sandra is helping me.  These are meant to get authors thinking through all the ideas of plot, character, etc., so that participating in a November writing marathon would be simpler, but writing is writing no matter when you do it.
  4. On a whim, I grabbed Out of Line: Growing Up Soviet off a display as I headed out of the library last week. I was hooked by the back cover that describes the crush the author had on a statue of Young Lenin.  It’s a memoir of a childhood in the USSR written for children and teens, and I highly recommend it even to adults.  I read it in a day, even standing and stirring the tomato sauce while reading.  Sweet and funny and clear.
  5. Sandra and I were both gripped by the audio version of “Beka Cooper: Terrier”.  A rich, detailed setting, a determined young woman, a bit of magic, and crimes that need solving.

Those are enough words for a while.  The wind is wild, the clouds are moving in, and the forecast is for rain and melancholy weather.  I’m off to do something tactile with a little bit of captured summer.

Ella Rae Lace


6 thoughts on “Good Words

  1. Rosa May says:

    I love the colors in that yarn. I think I would just let it sit there and enjoy looking at it. From past experience however I can already anticipate you making something out of this world with that.
    That reminds me . Last winter I complimented Sandra on a knitted piece she was wearing. She said that she also liked it and that you had made it. I told her she was very blessed to have such a talented mother. To this she said that she was sure to tell you she loved every piece in fear it may be the last one. It was something like that any way . I thought it was beautiful .

  2. Andrea says:

    Thanks for the Stuff You Missed in History Class Podcast tip – I’ve been having such fun knitting and listening tonight.

  3. Janet says:

    Thanks so much for posting about the Fit to Flatter tutorials. They’re wonderful! I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.

  4. hopewellmomschoolagain says:

    Lots of good stuff to check out in this post–esp the Soviet book [I was Russian/East European studies major decades ago!]

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