:: good mail ::

Good mail arrived yesterday. It was wonderful timing. With my in-laws here to visit, spring activities added to winter activities, and a host of other things, it felt like I was set to ‘Maximum Give’ and I needed to replenish. The arrival of a box full of goodies for a round robin swap was what the doctor ordered. The mechanics of the swap are particularly endearing: a box arrives, you take out what strikes your fancy and replace it with something similar, and then send it on. No long-term commitments, no need to shop for exactly what will delight a designated person.

I opened it just before my run yesterday and then spent the next 10 km enjoying the thought of the different colours, mulling over what my choices might be and what I might replace them with. Lovely way to spend a run! I’ve restocked the box with more Happiness and sent it along. In and out in 24 hours!

Happiness Came in the Mail

I hope that you’ll think of swapping something, too. It’s not just for knitters. I used to do swaps through Swapbot, and there is an astonishing array of ideas there – books, postcards, fabric, stories…It can make you happy just to read them. Ravelry is stuffed with all sorts of swaps – browse through them here.


2 thoughts on “:: good mail ::

  1. Barbara Rall says:

    I love this idea, rather than a straight swap, picking something out of the box and putting something new in sounds delightful. I’d like to be part of something like this. I’ll follow some of your links to check out possibilities.

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