~luckily, I make things~

The increasing daylight, the freshness of the air, the return of the songbirds…all sorts of small sensual differences are leaving me with a desire to redecorate. On a budget of nothing.  Luckily, I make things.

:: ::


:: ::

Small changes are possible:

Sweep away the old knick knacks.

Rearrange the furniture.

Work with colours bright and fresh.

:: ::

Big things, like having new windows put into walls crying for a rectangle of view, are not possible.

I do not mourn that.

I can make alterations that will make the old, tired surroundings seem new to my eyes again.

“We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.”   Max Dupree

:: ::

Flower patterns from Sublime Stitching.


4 thoughts on “~luckily, I make things~

  1. Selkie says:

    How funny, I’m just starting to embroider plain flour bag towels my husband inherited from his grandmother. The kitchen needs some spring in it’s step…

  2. tinkermama says:

    Making things and thrifting can go a long way to sprucing or “springing” up the place! Just found a fun old bright-coloured tablecloth and a yellow glass vase for $2. 🙂

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