12 in 12 update

I missed the update for my 12 in 12 project at the end of February in the whirlwind excitement of the trip to Toronto.  I’ll do the last two months together, then.

Happily, the tidiness of the concept continues to motivate me.  It’s simple, compact, and easy to remember even within the scope of my abundantly busy and changing life.  The three themes themselves are important to me and tending to them makes me happy.

Connection: Phone calls and letters to my grandparents continue.  I enjoy the way they make me feel like I’m throwing life-lines of love out into the world.  I confess, though, that the February phone call did happen 2 days into March.  Still counting it.  I’m the boss of this.

Books: Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West and To the Heart of the Nile: Lady Florence Baker and the Exploration of Central Africa; one bio and one larger work of fiction.  I’ve also read a few appetizers – those charming books that are like a blanket and warm cup of cocoa – many of them YA novels such as The Sherwood Ring on the recommendation of Melissa at The Bonny Glen.  I’ve been writing down all the books I’m reading this year.  It’s been surprising to see how many little books I find time for and it is nice to be noticing them rather than thinking I don’t read very much.  Of course, having this theme threading through the month is encouraging me to pick up books more often. (But that is the bloody point.)

Socks: A 12 in 12 update wouldn’t be complete without pictures of socks. These are simple socks, largely knit while I’m reading aloud to the kids.

Busy fingers
These were a birthday present for Rainer, successfully completed without his having any notion of their existence at all. ONline Candy Colour

:: :: ::

Busy fingers

Sandra’s turn.  Regia Galaxy, Saturn Colour 1583


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