Group Photo Shoot

The weather is very spring here, which makes us all walk around on tiptoes: enjoying it but not mentioning it.  It’s early, and we don’t want to frighten it away.  (Early warm weather being notoriously shy and skittish.)

Sunday we grabbed the kids and walked.  I grabbed some newly knit projects and the camera, too.  Just in case, you know.  Because I wanted a nice location: artfully framing shots in the house and yard so that none of the clutter or other distracting realities gets in the way does get a little constraining at times.

It was fun. Staging photos of new knitwear in public is a weird event to begin with. Adding kids and the dog to the mix made it jolly.

Anatomy of a Photo Shoot


Simple gloves to go under mitts on cold days or to wear jogging on mild winter days.

Pattern: Basic Glove Pattern from The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns

Sheepjes Invicta Coloris

Anatomy of a photo shoot
I love Sandra’s body language here. I imagine it matches the bafflement experienced by others as knitters across the globe stage shots of socks in bushes, scarves on fences, sweaters on sidewalks…

Meandering Vines Stole

Meandering Vines Stole

(In the end, an indoor re-shoot was necessary. My hair and face were just not cooperating. I felt all rumpled.)

Pattern: Meandering Vines Stole (free Ravelry download)

Yarn: Pink Label Lace Weight, Tanis Fibre Arts, grape colour

My first big lace project. My first lace project on laceweight. It was soothing knitting, though. A simple pattern that’s easy to remember and easy to read on the needles. It was really interesting to see how bias is so fundamental – there is no shift in the pattern to produce the meander, just two columns of stacked increases and decreases. It’s the fabric that shifts, not the yarn-overs.

When people wrote that they were knitting one of these because they needed a soothing, mindless pattern, I wondered if they were some sort of lace wizards. But it’s true. You need to focus on the stitches – it is laceweight after all – but not the pattern. Engages the mind just enough to be a stress-buster. I want to start another one immediately.  That’s really a rare feeling at the end of a project.

Want to see the before and after shots?  The really fun bits of blocking?
Meandering Vines Stole Meandering Vines Stole


6 thoughts on “Group Photo Shoot

  1. Rebecca says:

    Love this post! Love the photos. Love the knitting. Love love love.

    That shawl pattern is just perfect in that yarn. I’ve put it in my Ravelry queue for some lovely alpaca that needs a pattern.

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