Toronto ~ spoiled for choice, pt 2

We’re having computer troubles.  I’m going to have to change the order of these posts a bit. This will hopefully not get eaten by anything, not even people hungry for Korean bbq.

~ ~ ~
Romni Wools
~ ~ ~

Romni Wools is without a doubt the largest yarn store I’ve yet visited. I went in with Rainer and a little card of information about what I was looking for. Thank goodness I had both.

Without Rainer’s keen eye I would have missed several treasures, and without the paper I would have found bits of brain just leaking everywhere. Colour, texture, price…all stimulating my thoughts. Then Rainer said, “Have you been downstairs? That’s where the sale yarn is.” It was like falling down the proverbial rabbit hole.

~ ~ ~
Romni Wools
this photo represents approximately one-tenth of the basement

.at most.
~ ~ ~

The basement was huge and stuffed full of yarn in a way that I presume only a yarn store that has dealt in quantity for many, many years can ever be. We found a few gems there, including some great sock yarn.

~ ~ ~
Malabrigo Lace
~ ~ ~

This Malabrigo lace yarn wasn’t specifically on my list, but ‘find something sumptuous and unexpected’ was.

You can see the full selection of fun here, if you’re so inclined. How clever of us to bring an empty carry-on, no?

4 thoughts on “Toronto ~ spoiled for choice, pt 2

  1. katharine says:

    It is so fun to watch you tour my city. Romni is definitely overwhelming, and yes, a list and some clear focus is always required. Unless, that is, you’d like to mortgage your home 😉

    Glad you had fun!

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