er…weather delay?

Olympic regress


The yoke was done. I’d joined in the round and started working my way down the body. But something was off. The line for the raglan seemed wider than long, as though things were off. I tried it on and the body was too wide.


I looked at everything pretty carefully and I decided to keep the increase at the same rate and the cast on the same number. What I’ve changed is to increase the proportion of the arms. So there are 18 sts in the initial row rather than 12. Which makes them wider. We’ll see. I’ve got wee bird-like arms and a fairly thin torso, but I’m starting to think I need more depth in the armscythe.

Olympic regress

It’s a big ball of yarn and I’m going at it again. I’m hoping that I’ve got it right this time. I can handle this restart. A third time would be really disheartening.

Rainer went into the basement and dug through his secret stash of German chocolates. Olympia Ritter Sport was of great assistance in facing the task of redoing the math and believing in the process enough to overcome the inertia created by a false start.

In the meantime, I’m a happy camper.  The Winter Olympics rank right in the top 5 television experiences for me.  The speed, the quirky sports, the stories of people just like us doing incredible things…  I’ve always loved the Winter Games.  Last time we didn’t see much at all since we don’t have any reception here, choosing to watch only DVDs.  It’s largely a parenting choice but it’s had incredible affects on my contentment to be ad-free.  But this time the internet has figured things out and we can hook our TV up to the computer and watch it all on live-stream.

Lots to knit and lots to watch.  Brilliant.


2 thoughts on “er…weather delay?

  1. Christine Guest says:

    Another way to work out proportions: You’ve probably already got your own favorite method, and it looks like your yarn is cooperative to ‘frogging’ but you can also make a mock up in tissue paper or jersey fabric to play with angles and initial stitch count. sometimes it helps, sometimes transferring from one media to another just makes things more frustrating.


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