photo by Matthias

knitting begins

Shhh. I’m counting and they’re being epic on the TV.

We watched the Opening Ceremonies at my parents’ house.  Everyone made their own pita pizzas.  A huge salad.  A dark walk in a snowy world.  Wonderful Opening Ceremonies. Kids colouring in the parading countries on maps.  Casting on my vest.

“Yes, we say ‘zed’.”  Everyone in the room snorted and grinned.  What a Canadian thing to say.

The show dazzled me.  I’m not usually into these mega-things.  But this was uncluttered, clean, unexpected.  The painting with light that they did was breathtaking.


8 thoughts on “photo by Matthias

  1. Mariah says:

    It’s nights like that that I miss having television. I’ll have to find it online to check it out.

    And there’s a tunic length cabled vest in the spring interweave knits. the preview is up and linked from the ravelry interweave group. You have your finger on the pulse of fashion!

  2. Lisa says:

    One of the few times I wish I hadn’t canceled satelite is this olympics. So many X-games like events and my son would be absorbed in it. I love the image of watching and doing. Zed is weird, by the way lol…[said the American who got used to Zed when living in British Commonwealth country years ago!] Kind of like putting Yacht on the Y in an alphabet chart instead of the obvious YARN!! lol

  3. Rebecca says:

    Zed came first! 🙂

    The opening ceremonies were spectacular. We watched on the internet via CTV but they cut it off right at 9:00 PM, just when the inner cauldron was about to be lit and we missed The Great One’s historic dash to the outer cauldron.

    I, too, was so very pleased with how it all was done and how Canada was portrayed. And I was happy with how they handled yesterday’s terrible luge tragedy (I happened to be watching live streaming when it happened – horrendous).

    Good luck with the vest! I won’t be doing any sort of knitting Olympics as I have too many WIP to wrap up (I’m thinking of them as various finish lines to cross).

  4. Plain and Joyful Living says:

    We were just talking about how this would be a rare something to watch if we had television. It is funny how you said, “epic” – that is my teenage son’s new favorite word:)
    I am excited to have found your blog as we are home learning family with six children.
    Warm wishes,

  5. Sharon says:

    The opening ceremonies were so wonderful. I’m getting teary just remembering them. And what a great idea to get together to make it a great family evening!

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