Vest Maths

I spent the morning doing vest maths. At certain times it felt like my brain was breaking, which really shouldn’t happen with a simple raglan. But I want to ensure the neckline is wide enough that I won’t get any itch-factor, and I want the sleeves to be nice and narrow. I started with “Knitting from the Top Down” by Walker and then consulted “Custom Knits” by Bernard.  Right now, I feel like I can cast on tonight without too much trepidation about my design.

About the source of the cable…When we were in Austria we went to an open air museum near Graz – an incredible place full of old farmhouses from all the regions of Austria. Sweet, practical, evocative designs for living. I caught a glimpse of knitting in the store window and bought one of three volumes of traditional twisted stitch cables. Then I regretted only buying one and so had my in-laws bring the other two.


You can buy them in English as one volume: Twisted-Stitch Knitting by Maria Erlbacher.

Klausner Model

The book uses its own symbols (in the German-language edition at least). Sometimes they trip me up a bit, but they also make it super clear what the cable is doing – like the cable’s actually drawn in front of you. It’s a method that I could see using to design my own cables.


4 thoughts on “Maths

  1. Rora114 says:

    Boo!! The book’s only available at, not at .ca. I wanted to add it to my wishlist. Shoot.

    I really need to get some books on designing knitwear. I just know it’s in my future!!

  2. Lisa says:

    MathS is weird too!! lol….but those cables are so lovely. I’m sure I would really enjoy seeing the farmhouses too. I’ve only been to UK–not on the continent. Some day…

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