a quote and a question



“Spelling is a lowly servant. It obediently follows on the coattails of the finer subjects. That’s OK. There is no reason to make Spelling sit on a higher seat of priority. It’s perfectly content to take such a humble position in the curriculum.”

Karen Andreola


Is there something that would better serve you if you nudged it back to its rightful place in your priorities?


4 thoughts on “a quote and a question

  1. Big Mamma Frog says:

    Well ironing is already bottom of my priorities, so that couldn’t get any lower lol. And a clean house has dropped significantly since I started home educating.

    But I could do with maternal guilt dropping down a few pages in the priority league tables. Somehow I keep kicking it down there and strapping it onto something hurricane-proof and it keeps flying back up again in the slightest domestic breeze, right into the front of my consciousness. In fact it even haunts me in my subconscious, enough to make me wake up in a cold sweat worrying about whether I’m feeding the kids enough protein or whether they should be learning the ukelele or something else ridiculous. So what’s all that about then?

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