A Quote and a Question

Morning Blue


“The real news of our lives is not in newspapers. We must chronicle our own adventures and achievements, our brilliant observations and our comic relief, our best friends and our greatest embarrassments.”

Woods and Dinino, Visual Chronicles


What’s your news? Where do you record it?


8 thoughts on “A Quote and a Question

  1. Jennifer says:

    Well, I record my kids sayings/doings in seperate journals for each.

    I record my and my husband’s day to day menutia in my journal.

    Knitting records go on Ravelry.

    I record my love for them all in strange dreams.

    Thank you for your blog – truly inspiring.

  2. inneedofchocolate says:

    This is a very pertinent question for me. My 6yo attended an alternative school 3 days/week until the holidays and on each of the 2 school days that she was home, I faithfully recorded all the amazing things we did both structured and unstructured. But I just realized yesterday that since we started homeschooling full time I haven’t made any records of all the learning that is going on in our home. I’m constantly amazed by all my daughters are doing. I want to get back to writing down snapshots of our days.

  3. Big Mamma Frog says:

    Much as I would love to document/blog all the moments of our day, I know that if I did, we would never get around to doing much at all. And by documenting my children’s activities there is always the risk that the process of documenting it will change what they are doing. If I am pointing a camera at them, surely their behaviour will change? I guess social scientists and anthropologists have this problem all the time. So I guess what I do is just try and capture the ‘essence’ of my kids lives – a phrase, a photo (or sometimes rather too many photos!), usually in my blog. Little clues that will take my slow and rusty memory straight back to that day and make me feel it again.

  4. Kika says:

    I am not great at documentation either. Too busy living. I do periodically write in journals for each of my children and have since birth. They each have their own scrapbooks and photo albums which they occasionally add to as they desire. I admire other parents with an aptitude (and passion) for photography but it is simply not me.

  5. Butterflygirl says:

    I never think that my day is ‘newsy’ enough, I guess, so I don’t record it much. I wish I was one of those people that could keep a journal. I blog briefly and I take a lot of pictures! They help jog the record of my memories. I think it would be fun to do a weekly newspaper of family events (just a couple pages) and file them away for future pleasure. Has me thinking…..

  6. Kandyce says:

    Well, I do take photos. And I tell people, friends, my stories which is the oldest way of recording “news”. My blog has been helpful in recording news, as well. In writing my latest post, I was amazed by the emotional and mental transformation I went through. The writing itself removed veils and I had a fresh outlook by the end.

  7. Melissa says:

    Sarah, my husband is looking into light therapy and I wondered which light you have. We are in the US, but near Canada. If you have time to respond, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Many blessings for your encouraging posts.


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