Both children spontaneously started projects involving paper this week.

Matthias isn’t a project kid and so I’ve treasured the process and the product.  The look of concentration.  The hours of detailed creation.  The bright, colourful cards so large.

:: ::

Mega Cards

Pokemon cards, about 9 x 12″

Mega Cards

:: ::

He usually listens to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows while doing these. The double combo of prolonged art involving fine-motor skills and an audiobook is just proving that no matter what you knew about your kids yesterday, you never know what surprises hide inside them today.

:: ::


:: ::

Sandra’s project involves making paper models of molecules, complete with hole-punched circles for neutrons and protons and small pencil dots for electrons. My father has just begun teaching chemistry to her and another girl her age. He’s using Real Science for Kids. I’m so grateful that he’s doing this – he’s Sandra’s best friend, he’s wise and thoughtful, and he’s a trained scientist with time to do this right.

I often read about other homeschooled kids doing incredible things spontaneously. It seems like my kids lack creativity and gumption by comparison. These sorts of perfect moments, the kinds we love to share with outsiders, happen pretty rarely around here. So I treasure them and document them when they do pop up.

Don’t feel, as I often do, the urge to compare your house with mine. Right now, for instance, it’s 9 am and Matthias is in bed in a state of shock that it is Monday and not Sunday as he supposed and is moaning whenever I mention coming down and listening to our chapter book while eating breakfast. I have no idea what Sandra is up to, having woken her quite late today and left her smiling fuzzily through sleepy eyes.


6 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Kika says:

    My son and a group of (primarily) homeschooled boys spur eachother on in some of their creative pursuits including making their own elaborate card game, story writing, cartooning, etc. It is fun to watch and I and the other moms love that is purely self (or group?!) motivated… no pushing from parents required. I love that your dad is mentoring your daughter and friend. What a wonderful opportunity.

  2. Carrie says:

    What fabulous projects! It is things like this that just make a homeschooling mama’s heart glow. I am (vicariously)happy for you and your kids.

    And, what a fabulous post!

    You are so kind. You did such a great job of putting these wonderful spontaneous acts of creation ( which they truly are) into the context of a real life ( with the admission of how rare they seem) and then the reminder not to compare our lives/houses and the additional information of Matthias’s Monday morning moans…

    Your entire post shows such a generousity if spirit. Thank you for sharing in such a thoughtful way.

  3. Mrs. A says:

    I had to leave a comment to tell you about all the fawning and raving my Boy Child did over your son’s cards. The Boy Child, who has a decent Pokemon interest and absolutely no interest in creative works whatsoever, is motivated to begin a set of his own cards. Only I have to be sure to let you know that his will be more of a ‘hockey card style’ so as not to copy Matthias’ idea. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Karen says:

    Oh, you just made a wondrous sight for my eyes. Not with the projects, which are lovely, but with what you said about this sort of thing happening rarely around here. I try not to compare, but your kids are some who my kids fall prey to my comparisons. Thank you for all of it. 🙂

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