Rudra yarn

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One of my favourite gifts to give this year.  For months it filled us with anticipation, knowing just how gratefully and gleefully it would be received.  My sister lives on a student budget and has just gotten into knitting.  This means that she’s constantly running out of yarn to knit.

Rainer and I hand-dyed 800g of worsted weight yarn for her.  We mixed burgundy with brown, made it pretty concentrated, and didn’t stir much.  We hoped for a yarn that was richly coloured and semi-solid, something that would complement her colouring and look good as a sweater.  It looked so very, very dark when wet in the pot that I panicked a bit.  It dried up nicely, though, and so I found paper to compliment it and made my own labels.

Katie’s got a sweater already picked out: the sleek hoodie Katje.

Rudra is a Hindu god associated with the colour red.


8 thoughts on “Rudra yarn

  1. Rora114 says:

    Ooooo, I love this yarn. I spent all Christmas morning smooshing it, and still sometimes take it out and smoosh it.

    I can’t wait to knit with it, but I’m also excited that I’ve turned it into the carrot for working on my thesis (for every 2 hours of thesis work, I can work on the Katje for a half hour). I think I’m going to save up the hours and spend one full day on the sweater, but I may not be able to wait that long!

    Thanks again, so much, for such a wonderful, thoughtful, amazing gift!

  2. Saille says:

    What a great gift! I love the color, and her patten. My sister is graduating this year and knitting seemed to have slipped off her radar, but she had the needles out at Thanksgiving…gave her a pair of Fetching fingerless gloves for Christmas. I’m hoping for many years of knitting with her.

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